MMUnicode Embed Wordpress Plugin

This plugin will embed Myanmar Unicode Font. But font embed can't render in Chrome and Mac. If they don't have font , font glyph will load but rendering will not work. Android has a same problem like Chrome browser. iOS and Mac Safari supported.


This plugin will convert zawgyi to unicode when user submit with zagwyi in comment.


More detail and screenshot



Hi Bro

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Can you do for a side keyboard in wp?It is a request from me. I embeded unicode but I can easily type myanmar3 coz I am not familirize with the layout. If u have time .Develop Naw Bro Cheer,.....

Myanmar font on iPad-2

How do we install Myanmar font on the iPad-2. I have it on my iPad which is already jail broken. But having problem with iPad-2.
Do I have to wait until the iPad-2 is jail broken as well?

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated.