Fixed-Width Font for Burmese Programming?

Hello everyone,

    I finally got WaitZar to compile in Eclipse, but it won't display the Unicode strings properly when debugging. I can (probably) override the default font, but that brings up the problem of which font to choose.

     I want a fixed-width font (like Courier New), but one that also has most Myanmar letters mapped. The problem is that most Myanmar fonts use _variable_ width spacing for the English letters.

   What do you guys recommend? What do you use when programming in English+Burmese? Are there any fixed-width Burmese fonts?






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I think the version before the latest version of Myanmar3 font's English glyphs are monospace. I will confirm with Ko Sun Tun.

Thank you; I will wait for

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Thank you; I will wait for your reply.

Maybe the Myanmar3 team would consider a "mono" version of their font as well as a variable-width one?


I would love to see Dajevu's glyph, Mono space for programming. They are beautiful, though not the best as Monaco. Dajevu is based on Vera fonts. I think they are GPL.

Deja vu is very nice.

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Deja vu is very nice. (Although, the last time I used them, they did not support Unicode 5.2 for Myanmar).

It would be great if there was a mono-spaced font based on Deja vu with Myanmar letters as well.

impossible for fix-width-burmese font


>>> Are there any fixed-width Burmese fonts?

Are you asking fix-width-burmese glyph? It is impossible to make following character. ဪ ဩ ဏ က ခ ု

What I am asking is if there

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What I am asking is if there are any Burmese fonts that use fixed-with English letters. Of course the Burmese glyphs cannot be fixed-width.

The reason I need a font like this is for debugging in Eclipse. I can change the default font (so that it supports displaying Burmese), but if I change it to something like Myanmar3, then all of my English text will suddenly be variable-width.

So, a good solution would be something like Courier New, but with Burmese glyphs as well.

This font is interesting

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This font is interesting ---it has no English letters, so the editor will resort to the default text for English and use the Burmese characters for Burmese.

It seems to work fine. The only problem is that MM3Web defines the numbers 0-9, so words won't line up with numbers. For example, if I have a string "variable2", then the "2" part will appear mis-aligned with "variable".

Thanks for the link!

I prefer to use editors that

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I prefer to use editors that allow me to select separate fonts for markup or code that the fonts used to display strings. A good multilingual editor will go this extra step.

I would also prefer an editor

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I would also prefer an editor that lets me select fonts properly. However, I am stuck using either Eclipse or Visual Studio, both of which do not have this feature.