Do We Need to Translate The Software Licenses?

When I was thinking to create the Project types in, I notice that we need to know the definitions of various types of licenses clearly. You can read some of the discussions in Planning For Project Types. There are a lot of licenses, such as GPL, BSD, MIT and many more.

As a web developer, sometimes I have to use other people's plug-ins, tools and scripts. Some are free for personal use. Some are free for every use. But some are not. Some developers write the license very clearly, like that "Free for both personal and commercial use". Sometimes we may see "Creative Common Share Alike version..." etc. Sometimes I confuse with license definitions and afraid to use the scripts for the clients. Then I search another scripts with similar functionalities.

I feel other burmese developers also face this kind of concern. Mostly young and less experience brothers and sisters will definately face this problem.

Do we may need to translate some common license types into a short and coincide format, maintaining the defination of the original license at the same time? If the answer is "Yes",  I feel is the right place to host these translations.

How do you think? Let us discuss here, all our brothers and sisters.



Localisation at Wikimedia Commons

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At Wikipedia we also need to have the texts of licenses localised. This is done at . These localisations are used in the other applications that are localised there. We also encourage the re-use of these localisations whereever they are needed.




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Thank for comment, Gerard. I tried it. :)

I think this is a good idea;

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I think this is a good idea; just make sure you include a link to the "official" English license, since this is usually the legal version.


I like your idea of translating short summaries of each license. Just remember that some license are already extremely short (e.g., BSD-style licenses).


There are also a lot of good (English) resources on licenses, like Wikipedia's comparison:

These are also helpful when choosing a license.

Thank for Suggestions

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Thank you so much for your suggestions bro.

If we can translate short summaries of Licenses, a lot of misunderstandings can be reduced and the productivities of the Burmese developers will be more faster.